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Modus Operandi for Repository Deposits (DepositMO) is a JISC project (based at University of Southampton) creating a repository deposit workflow connecting the user’s computer desktop via popular apps such as MS Office and Windows Explorer with digital repositories based on EPrints and DSpace.

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OfficeSWORD is a sample open source plugin (developed by Microsoft Research) for using the SWORD protocol to upload documents to a repository directly from within the Microsoft Office apps.

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Publishing and the Ecology of European Research (PEER) is an EU-funded scoping project investigating the effects of large-scale, systematic depositing of authors' final peer-reviewed manuscripts. PEER monitored the effects of systematic archiving over time, with participating publishers collectively contributing approximately 240 journals to assess factors such as: how large-scale archiving affects journal viability; whether it increases access; models to illustrate how traditional publishing systems can coexist with self-archiving.

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RePosit is a project (managed by University of Leeds) aiming to increase uptake of a web-based repository deposit tool embedded in a researcher-facing publications management system. This project is a collaboration between 5 Higher Education Institutions in the process of migrating to a publications management system as a primary deposit interface to their digital repositories.

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RJ Broker

Repository Junction Broker (RJ Broker) is a middleware system (in development by Edina for RepositoryNet+) designed to provide an API enabling discovery of possible target repositories into which open access research can be deposited. Previously known as Open Access Repository Junction (OARJ), it also provides a delivery tool to disseminate items to multiple repositories.

Note: RJ Broker is one of the repository infrastructure components supported in 'Wave 1' of RepositoryNet+.

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Simple Web-Service Offering Repository Deposit (SWORD) is a protocol (developed by JISC-funded projects) for data transfer into a repository. Based on the Atom-Pub protocol, SWORD enables deposit, and SWORD v2 adds the ability to retrieve, update, or delete deposits as they pass through the deposit lifecycle.

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SWORD EasyDeposit

SWORD EasyDeposit is an open source SWORD client creation toolkit (developed at University of Auckland Library). With EasyDeposit you can create customised SWORD deposit web interfaces from within your browser.

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