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ESRC Society Today (EST)

ESRC Society Today (EST) was a grant-reporting system jointly developed by ESRC, AHRC, BBSRC and EPSRC. From 2011, Research Councils UK (RCUK) agreed to move away from the older methods of collecting information only at the end of funding agreements and to support wider, more flexible arrangements for reporting outcomes at any point in the funding period and beyond.

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IRIOS -2 is a JISC-funded project (managed by University of Sunderland) developing a proof-of-concept demonstrator supporting the import and export of research management data in CERIF format, linking research grant information and publications together. Filtering allows subsets of the data to be selected and exported in CERIF for use by third party applications such as Pure. In this project university research management data was successfully adapted and extended to include basic research grant information taken directly from a Research Council dataset (Shared Service Centre).

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MRC e-Val

MRC e-Val system provides an online survey through which the UK Medical Research Council gathers data about the outputs and outcomes of MRC-funded research. From June 2012, the updated MRC e-Val system has been renamed as Researchfish ( and researchers have been reminded to update their output information by December 2012.

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