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IRStats for EPrints is a flexible statistics package (developed by University of Southampton) enabling easy processing of statistics on accesses to fulltext documents in EPrints repositories. IRStats supports tracking of publication downloads as well as tracking of who is downloading from your archive.

repository infrastructure

Institutional Repository Usage Statistics (IRUS-UK) is a JISC-funded usage-reporting service (managed by Mimas) designed to enable UK institutional repositories to share and expose statistics based on the COUNTER standard. IRUS-UK aims to provide a nation-wide view of UK repository usage by providing comparable, authoritative, standards-base data.

Note: IRUS-UK is one of the repository infrastructure components supported in 'Wave 1' of RepositoryNet+.

repository infrastructure

Publisher and Institutional Repository Usage Statistics 2 (PIRUS2) is a project (led by Mimas) demonstrating technical feasibility to create, record and consolidate usage statistics for individual research articles using data from repositories and publishers. PIRUS2 specifies standards, protocols, infrastructure and an economic model for the recording, reporting and consolidation of online usage statistics.

repository infrastructure
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