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EPrints is an open-source, GPL-licensed software repository package (developed and managed by University of Southampton) for building open-access, OAI-PMH-compliant repositories. EPrints is primarily used for institutional repositories and scientific journals. As of version 3.3, EPrints supports a flexible data model that can be managed through configuration files and many aspects of EPrints repositories can be modified through a centralised collection of plugins, extensions, styles.

repository infrastructure
Proposed dashboard for tracking OA mandate compliance

This use case outlines potential user requirements and technical development considerations for a proposed dashboard tool monitoring compliance rates with regard to funder policies on Open Access (OA). This proposed dashboard, as part of its wider remit, would also help track various outputs and payments as funded research progresses through stages towards OA publication.

proposed use case
Proposed directory of RIM system implementations

This is a preliminary analysis of a proposed 'Directory of RIM System Implementations' that inventories the range of Research Information Management (RIM) systems available within UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).  As the basis for planning harmonised repository services, RepNet is surveying the heterogenous landscape of RIM systems, including both Current Research Information System (CRIS) and Institutional Repository (IR) platforms.

proposed use case, repository infrastructure
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