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ESRC Society Today (EST)

ESRC Society Today (EST) was a grant-reporting system jointly developed by ESRC, AHRC, BBSRC and EPSRC. From 2011, Research Councils UK (RCUK) agreed to move away from the older methods of collecting information only at the end of funding agreements and to support wider, more flexible arrangements for reporting outcomes at any point in the funding period and beyond.

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MRC e-Val

MRC e-Val system provides an online survey through which the UK Medical Research Council gathers data about the outputs and outcomes of MRC-funded research. From June 2012, the updated MRC e-Val system has been renamed as Researchfish ( and researchers have been reminded to update their output information by December 2012.

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NERC Open Research Archive

NERC Open Research Archive (NORA) is a repository (managed by the UK Natural Environment Research Council) for published material such as academic papers or reports that have resulted from NERC-funded research. Running on EPrints version 3, NORA supports the mandate that any published, peer-reviewed paper which has been supported by NERC funding since October 2006 is to be deposited in a repository (with acknowledgement of the relevant NERC grant or project).

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Research Outcomes System (ROS) is a web-based system (managed by Research Councils UK) collecting data on the outputs, outcomes and impacts of research including: publications; other research outputs such as new materials, exhibitions and websites; staff development; collaborations and partnerships; communication and dissemination activities; summaries of impact. ROS supports a common approach for gathering quantitative and qualitative evidence of the outcomes and impact of RCUK investments.

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