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Information Environment Metadata Service Registry (IEMSR) was developed as a metadata schema registry (hosted by UKOLN) as a pilot shared service within the JISC Information Environment.

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Open Access Repository Registry (OARR) is a JISC scoping project (managed by UKOLN) to identify the requirements for a unified registry of open access repositories. Objectives are: to review existing OARR services (OpenDOAR, ROAR and RepUK) and identify the lessons in order to inform requirements; to elicit requirements from key stakeholders; to create a specification for an open access repository registry. The output of OARR includes a specification to tender for a possible service in this area.

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Repository Interoperability Opportunities (RIO) is JISC-funded work to collect, analyse, review and present information about the options faced by open access research repositories with respect to the systems and services with which they might interoperate.

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RIO Extension

RIO Extension is a project (led by University of Southampton) mapping repository metadata requirements, producing a final report to agree the best set of guidance for Higher Education Institutions. The aim of the work is to provide JISC and the Research Councils with sufficient information for them to agree the best set of guidance to institutional repositories with regard to exposing metadata for reporting / tracking / harvesting purposes.

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RIOXX is a JISC-funded project (managed by UKOLN) to develop a simple DC application profile for bibliographic metadata to be exposed by UK open access repositories. The RIOXX profile should enable UK repositories to be as compliant as possible to the OpenAIRE guidelines and to satisfy the simplest possible requirements as set out in the final report of the RIO extension project: including unambiguous fields for project identifier, funder identifier, DOI, identifier for related dataset, embargo type, embargo end date, access level semantics.

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Simple Web-Service Offering Repository Deposit (SWORD) is a protocol (developed by JISC-funded projects) for data transfer into a repository. Based on the Atom-Pub protocol, SWORD enables deposit, and SWORD v2 adds the ability to retrieve, update, or delete deposits as they pass through the deposit lifecycle.

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V4OA (Vocabularies for Open Access) is a JISC-funded project (managed by UKOLN) to establish an ongoing process by which agreements can be reached on standard vocabularies to be used in particular circumstances in the Open Access (OA) context.

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