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Organisation and Repository Identification (ORI) service is a registry (developed and managed by Edina) providing an API interface to an edited union of several authoritative and extant data sources. Currently the sources gathered by ORI include: Unlock; UK Access Management Federation; UCAS; ROAR; OpenDOAR; Webometrics; WHOIS.

Note: ORI is one of the repository infrastructure components supported in 'Wave 1' of RepositoryNet+.

repository infrastructure
Proposed API for RoMEO / JULIET

This use case outlines potential user requirements and technical development considerations for a proposed integrated data-feed API that is able to supply machine-readable, machine-executable information on both publisher- and funder-policies regarding Open Access (OA) publication. The proposed API would support enhanced sharing of data-driven infrastructure functionality across both Current Research Information System (CRIS) and Institutional Repository (IR) platforms.

proposed use case
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